Are you a high school or university student? Join the competition, send us the correct answer and win.
New challenge every day at 12pm
. You will find the correct answers at the end of the task after closing each round.


3 steps to win!

Collect as many points as possible and win electric scooters with accessories! The three of you with the highest number of points win.
But you have a chance to win even if you are not super-fast. Every day from Tuesday to Friday, we will randomly select a winner of Raspberry Pi from all the correct answers from the previous day.


Step 1 - sign / log in

You must first register for the contest. If you have already registered, just log in.


Step 2 - Answer the tasks as quickly as possible and collect points

Remember, only the correct and fastest answers count!
The 25 fastest competitors will receive each day a number of points adequate for each task:

18. 10. - Monday - Task 1: 1 point
19. 10. - Tuesday - Task 2: 2 points
20. 10. - Wednesday - Task 3: 3 points
21. 10. - Thursday - Task 4: 4 points
22. 10. - Friday - Task 5: 5 points


Be careful, it pays to be fast! The five contestants with the fastest correct answer each day will receive bonus points:

1st fastest: 5 points
2nd fastest: 4 points
3rd fastest: 3 points

Step 3 - Winners

The winner of the first prize, with 29 points, is Peter Žáčik

The winner of the second prize, also with 29 points, but sligthly worse time, is Ján Čechovič

The winner of the third prize, with 28,5 points, is Michal Masrna


The winner of Raspberry Pi for Monday's task: Ján Čechovič

The winner of Raspberry Pi for Tuesday's task: Adam Hnát

The winner of Raspberry Pi for Wednesday's task: Timea Szollosová

The winner of Raspberry Pi for Thursday's task: Matej Tarča

The winner of Raspberry Pi for Friday's task: Lýdia Drahovská




The competition will close on Friday, 22 October 2021, at 16:00. The winners of the main prizes will be announced on  22 October 2021, at 17:00.


Do not hesitate to contact us at FMB_Telekom_IT@t-systems.com in case of any questions

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